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Special DS Mpeg2Source filter to seamless playback Mpeg2 streams (Demo,for non commercial use only)


Package includes:

VNSFileSource.dll - Mpeg2 DirectShow Source Filter


Download VNSFileSource!

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DS CaptureFilter Version 1.2.7


split graph DirectShow filter


Package includes:

SwitcherEx.dll -

DirectShow Filter: MuxSwitcher2, RecDemux2 and LengthController2

 PDF description how to use

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CapSwitchDemo and CapSwitch split graph filter (old version)

CapSwitch Demo, a full funtionalty capture application using special
developed DS CaptureFilter (Demo,for non commercial use only)

   Note: CapSwitch uses old capture filter version !

Package includes:

CapSwitch Demo, see CapSwitch link.
DS CaptureFilter, see DS Filter link.       
Cap_switch_eng.pdf, CapSwitch UserManual
AVI_step_by_step.pdf, a short description of using CapSwitch to capture for example “DivX in AVI container” streams.


Not included:

Extended ActiveX control CapSwitch.ocx, this control works with special DS CaptureFilter  and makes it very easy to include this filter in your own development !


Demo limitations:

Audio support: only uncompressed PCM
No support of DV capture (e.g. FireWire)  
Support of video codecs listed in <Video compressor> section only
Max. file size each captured stream: 20MB



Download CapSwitch DemoApp!


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Composite FileWriter

Special DirectShow FileWriter filter to be able to switch

*capture graph to pause mode !

* append new recordings to existing capture file !



Package includes:

Composite FileWriter filter along with pdf description how to use



Demo limitations:

Supported video codec:

3ivx Mpeg4 / DivX 5.0 

 Supported audio codec:

 3ivx Audio encoder / Mpeg Layer 3

Download Composite FileWriter!