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CombitechSystems/Sweden, development of VideoMixer tool - record live video with overlayed bitmaps.

digital-everywhere/Austria, development of DVB TV application which uses whose digital reciever FireSat.

IT_Med/Usingen, Developement of Universal Multimedia Stream Player
(AVI,Mpeg1,2,4) as ActiveX Control (VisualC++,DirectX,COM,MFC, NT/W2k/XP)

Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemie/Martinsried, Develpoment of pictureprocessing software (VisualC++, MFC, CCD-Kamera, Framegrabber)

Institute for Chirurgische Forschung/München-Großhadern, Development of pictureanalysis software (VisualC++, MFC, CCD-Kamera, Framegrabber)

Rohde&Schwarz/München, Developement of MPEG2 videostream analysis software for DVB (Digital Viedeo Broadcasting) (VisualC++, MFC, Win98/NT, DCOM, RS232, Ehternet)